WA CPS Update

WA CPS Update

WA CPS Update

WA CPS Update

WA CPS Update, August 2023

WA CPS Update, July 2023

WA CPS Update


Attached is a recently updated map of the network of Target Zero Managers, Safe Kids Coordinators, and Child Passenger Safety local leads. Please review and let me know of any updates or corrections.



If you were approved for reimbursement of registration and travel expenses for attending Lifesavers 2023 in Seattle, be sure to submit your travel expense report and back up documents to me by June 30, 2023.



REMINDER to all current mini-grant recipients – invoices for goods received or services performed on or prior to June 30th, must be received by Cesi Velez, Project Manager, by July 10th to qualify for reimbursement.


Interested in applying for a mini-grant for fiscal year 2024 (October 2023 – September 2024)? Watch for an announcement in August. The grants are available to start/support local car seat activities or to hold a Child Passenger Safety Technician (CPST) course. The  local grants can include bringing in a CPST Instructor or Technician Proxy to provide CEU workshops and/or seat sign-offs.



A very important and mandatory step with using the NDCF is making sure seat check data is uploaded to the program on a regular basis. The program is designed to be used in airplane mode at a seat check; then when wi-fi is accessible; upload to the system. Whether you are using a hard copy or an electric form – input or upload this data in a timely manner. Your local CPS lead will not be able to view your checks in the quarterly raw data file if they are not in the program. I will not be able to view your activity in the statewide report. For this reason, please follow the following schedule.


October, November, December January 10th
January, February, March April 10th
April, May, June July 10th
July, August, September October 10th


EVERY child passenger safety technician in Washington State should have an NDCF account. This system will have confirmation of your seat checks used for recertification sign-offs. Visit https://carseatcheckform.org/ and go to Guide to Creating an Account.



You don’t have to look far. Visit https://wacarseats.com/car-seat-data/ and you will be able to view raw data collected from the NDCF program. In addition, we have recently added County and seat distribution. As we collect more seat check data for Washington State, more will be added to this site. Although we currently have limited data available, as we continue to use the NDCF program – the more data we will collect and share.


Also available are the WTSC data dashboards.


Statewide CPS observational and intercept surveys are currently being conducted which will provide us with use data and caregiver knowledge.



Ensure the most recent recall list is used at your car seat checks. The latest version is dated 5/26/23 and available at Car Seat Recalls/Defects & Safety Notices – Safe Ride News.

Vehicle recalls are important to address as well. For instance, Lincoln has issued a new recall for 142,734 model year 2015-2019 Lincoln MKC vehicles due to a risk of fire. Owners should park their vehicles outside and away from structures and other vehicles until the recall has been remedied. Educate the caregivers by providing the Check to Protect educational handout.



Many of us have likely answered the question “why do car seats expire?” It is not because the child restraint manufacturer wants to ensure future purchases to replace expired seats. Here is a great explanation to share from Juvenile Products Manufacturer’s Association (JPMA). Useful Life of Car Seats – Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (jpma.org)



Mark your calendars for March 19th and 20th, 2024. The 19th will be a full day of technical, enrichment and networking activities for CPST Instructors; the following day on the 20th will be for all Washington State technicians. The WA CPS Program will assist with travel expenses (more info to follow!). This will be an in-person conference to encourage attendance. Plan ahead so you can attend.


Please let me know how I can better support your efforts to provide child passenger safety education and services.

WA CPS Program Update, Feb 2023

Here we are…already more than half way through February! I hope this message finds you healthy, happy and safe in all respects.


Excitement is increasing with Washington State hosting the Lifesavers 2023 conference on April 2-4. Thank you to those who have applied for registration and travel reimbursement to attend. I am excited to see everyone in person. To provide a one-stop, all-encompassing information platform for the 2023 Lifesavers Conference, a new EVENT SITE has been created. This event site features workshops details, plenary information, exhibitors, sponsors, networking information and more! Please check out the site for updates.


Many of you have mini-grants which includes fees for CPST-Instructors who provide seat sign-offs, present CEU workshops, or teach CPST courses. Please remember; there is a Mini-Grants webinar located at https://wacarseats.com/mini-grants/ to help you through the reimbursement process. If you are a service provider and need to bill for services; there is important information to watch starting at 15:09 of the recording that will assist you in completing your invoice and travel expense voucher. Speaking of which…the reimbursement for privately owned vehicle (POV) miles has been increased from $.625 to $.655 effective 1/1/2023. Attached is an updated per diem map.


It is extremely important to work on your recertification requirements within your two year cycle. Do not wait until the last days; or even weeks. Safe Kids Worldwide sends email reminders months ahead to remind you of your upcoming need to recertify. It is important to check your online profile to ensure your current email is entered. You must complete the following to recertify:


NOTE: A mini-grant may include service fees to bring a CPST-Instructor or a Tech-proxy to your community to provide a CEU workshop as well as seat sign-offs.


For a one-stop shop for CEU’s and Community Education sessions, visit https://carseateducation.org/. You will be amazed by all of the resources with access in one place.


Foster families play an important role in the lives of children. A foster parent provides a child a safe, loving, temporary home; maybe making it possible for them to stay in their school, and stay connected to their parents and siblings. While conducting research on what education or resources are provided to potential foster parents, I was pleased to find free educational resources which include child passenger safety. They simply need to email AllianceSupport@uw.edu to get connected or visit https://cpe.socialwork.uw.edu/alliance-courses and follow the instructions to create a new account. I personally  attended their online Car Seat Safety: Select, Fit and Install Correctly elearning; and aside from a couple minor corrections – it is a good product for foster families. This training is strongly encouraged for all potential foster families.


It is important to always check for recalls on child restraints. It is also important to check and fix any recalls on your vehicle, like the takata airbag safety recall. There is an educational handout available through the state printer to use at every car seat check. It provides the caregiver an opportunity to access vehicle recall information. Order some from the state printing website (along with other educational materials).


A poster has recently been added to the www.wacarseats.com site under Resources, Posters and Graphics. It is the summary of Washington’s Child Restraint Law in Vietnamese. If there is a target audience you need to reach in another language, let me know.

There are child passenger safety booklets you can purchase at I’M SAFE. Here is the English/Spanish version https://www.imsafe.com/product/2-6000-visual-car-seat-guide-parents-bilingual-edition  They are also now available in Pashto, Dari, Ukraine and soon to be in French and Russian. These booklets were extremely helpful in our refugee outreach activities. Let me know if you are planning an outreach event and could use some of these materials.

The calendar of CPST courses is here. There are some added courses and some that are waiting to confirm dates. Let me know if you have any questions.

WA CPS Program Newsletter, January 2023

My hope is that this communication finds everyone in good health after enjoying the holiday season. Washington had a remarkable year with our efforts to reach families with child passenger safety education and resources. Your continued commitment and enthusiasm is appreciated! Here are a few highlights from fiscal year 2022.

  • The year ended with 433 technicians; and 119 car seat check services available through www.wacarseats.com.
  • The Child Passenger Safety program completed the purchase, distribution, and tracking of over 200 iPad mini tablets for use when conducting car seat checks. Numerous training sessions were held for transitioning Washington State to the National Digital Check Program (NDCF).
  • A large focus was placed on outreach to underserved populations. A partnership with local resettlement agencies assisted refugee families from Afghanistan and Ukraine in providing education to the parents and car/booster seats for their children. A total of seven events were held; 125 families served; 256 car/booster seat provided. Educational materials were provided in Pashto, Dari and Ukraine.
  • The mini-grant program provided 19 reimbursement funding agreements to support local child passenger safety efforts or hosting of child passenger safety technician (CPST) courses.

11 Child Passenger Safety Technician (CPST) courses held

114 Newly trained technicians added to the State’s network

2,430 Car seats checked

2,680 Seats provided to families (this includes seats provided by KidVantage/Eastside Baby Corner through their collaborative network)


Washington Child Passenger Safety Program and Safe Kids Washington would like to acknowledge some of the great work done in the effort to prevent serious injuries and fatalities to our children. There are several different categories for nomination:

  • Special and/or Lifetime Achievement
  • Child Passenger Safety Technician
  • Child Passenger Safety Technician (CPST) Instructor
  • Injury Prevention Advocate (Individual)
  • Injury Prevention Partner (Agency)
  • Injury Prevention Volunteer

Nominations will be accepted through January 15, 2023. Chosen award recipients will be invited to attend a reception in their honor, the evening of the second of April, Lifesavers Conference, Seattle Convention Center.


To place a nomination, visit:




There is a limited amount of funding available to assist active Washington State child passenger safety technicians in attending the conference in Seattle. Requests will be accepted through  EXTENDED TO JANUARY 10, 2023.  To look at the tentative workshops and speakers visit Workshops – Lifesavers National Conference on Highway Safety Priorities (lifesaversconference.org)


To apply for assistance, visit:




On December 19, 2022 the last Q&A session was held for using the NDCF. In case you missed it…you can watch/listen to the recorded session.

Passcode: 1oaq%EDV


A second NDCF supplement to the User Agreement is attached for your use. Please print and add to your hard copy. You can find the digital guide at https://wacarseats.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/Wa-NDCF-User-Guide-2022-Final-12c.pdf


The raw data car seat check report will be posted on www.wacarseats.com under Car Seat Data. When the clean data is finalized, I will be generating statewide use, error, and other reports for your use. This preliminary report shows 617 seat checks performed! AMAZING!!!!


The state printing website has numerous traffic safety materials available to you at no cost. If you search under Traffic Safety Commission, you will find a Tribal link. This has child passenger safety messaging as well as impairment, pedestrian, seat belt, and speeding. Be sure to order free material for your next event.


DCYF is a cabinet-level agency focused on the well-being of children. We have partnered with DCYF to provide education and training on safe transport of the children they serve; many in their most vulnerable situations during child protective service calls. The process we have been offering at their local child welfare office sites in Pierce and King County is documented and provided for your use. The attached map shows additional locations. As a nationally certified child passenger safety technician, you can reach out to your local office to offer these services. They can also contact me directly to assist with scheduling the training.


Please let me know how I can better serve you in reaching your local communities.

WA CPS Program Update, September 30, 2022


The NDCF website system will be down for maintenance on October 3 and 4 to update the website and apps. There will be a few fields added to the app, so to prevent any issues getting checks into the system, make sure to submit all checks in prior to October 2. Here are the updated forms to use now.


NDCF Spanish PDF 7.0

If you have any questions, info@carseatcheckform.org

We also have a supplement to the original NDCF User Guide. We are always learning from experience with this form/program. If you have information, questions, or information that might help others, join us for our next Q&A virtual session on October 19th at 2pm (I sent an invitation to all Washington certified child passenger safety technicians).



CURRENT MINI-GRANT RECIPIENTS: Invoices for goods received or services performed between July 1st and September 30th, must be received by Cesi Velez, Project Manager, no later than October 20th.

Invoices submitted for reimbursement after the above dates will not be paid.

Invoices must be submitted via email to Cesi Velez at velezc@ci.bonney-lake.wa.us.  They must include a summary of the expenses listed on a signed A-19 form and copies of relevant expenses.

NOTE: All services performed by contracting child passenger safety technicians must also submit invoices to me as soon as possible.

POTENTIAL GRANTEES: For those who have submitted a grant proposal for fiscal year 2023 (Oct 1, 2022 – Sep 30, 2023) – your announcement will be receive electronically in the coming days.



For any travel occurring AFTER OCTOBER 1, 2022, remember to use the per diem rates from the Technicians Resources page. I have also included the additional notes which has important information.



Washington State has developed their own curriculum for child transporters which was recently updated/revised. There are some requirements to teaching the Car Seat Awareness Class; beginning with watching the Train-the-Trainer virtual training. In case you missed it; the recorded training will be available by visiting www.wacarseats.com, Technician Resources, Car Seat Awareness Class. You must also attend the virtual class to see how it is currently being taught. Look online for more information.


Thank you for the continued opportunity to support the important work you do for our State’s children.