Washington State Child Passenger Safety


A huge thank you to everyone involved in child passenger safety in Washington State. This industry was seriously affected by the Covid pandemic like all other areas of traffic safety. Services were still provided due to your commitment and flexibility to adapt to a new way of car seat checks and trainings. Here are some important achievements made during Fiscal Year 2021:

  • 11 CPST courses held – 9 funded by the WA CPS Program mini-grants.
  • 78 newly trained technicians added to the network.
  • 105 car seat check services listed on website; 17 offering virtual services.
  • 2,535 seats were checked; 2,325 seats were provided to families in need.
  • $77,222 of the mini-grants funds were reimbursed in support of local car seat activities; $23,000 approximately used to purchase new child restraints for distribution.
  • Many emergency service personnel utilized the training reimbursement available for CPST training.
  • Safe Travel for All Children (STAC) enrichment course added 12 technicians to our special needs service providers and a STAC Instructor.