Washington Child Passenger Safety

Updated Recall List

Another must have tool when conducting car seat checks in addition to a Latch manual – a current Recall List. The attachment includes the recent recalls on some Clek child restraints.

Happy New Year!


(last recall 5/21/21)
12 Upjohn Rd. Suite 1, Toronto, ON M3B2V9 866-656-2462

Rear-Facing Only Liing made before 9/15/20 model LG19U1 Liingo made before 9/15/20 model LGO20U1
Problem #1: Small piece from canopy support may break off presenting choking hazard.

Problem #2: made before 2/22/21 Labels on seat cover and insert may detach causing choking hazard. Contact: 866-656-2462 for replacement parts.

Convertible Seats Foonf made before 5/21/21 model FO12 through FO19 Filo made before 5/21/21 model FL15 through FL19
Problem: Loose pieces of foam cushion under seat can present choking hazard. Call: 866-656-2462 for molded plastic insert.