WA CPS Update

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CONGRATULATIONS! Washington has been regularly using the NDCF for over a year! Amazing work by child passenger safety technicians.


Now that we have a years’ worth of seat check data, we can take a closer look at discoveries on car seat use. This is information obtained from the NDCF seat checks (attached). I have highlighted some points.

  • Washington overall misuse rate is 73.6%
  • Mis-use is most often with children one to three years old
  • Mis-use often occurs with a forward-facing harness and lap/shoulder belt use
  • Harness misuse is harness slot use and too loose
  • Seat belt errors are too loose (installation), used with lower anchors, or not locked

Another great resources is found at https://wtsc.wa.gov/dashboards/child-passenger-vehicle-occupants/ which now includes crash data through year 2022.


EVERY technician should have an NDCF account. Washington currently has 440 child passenger safety technicians yet there are only 319 NDCF accounts. Create a user account at www.carseatcheckform.org and have a copy of your CPST certification card to submit. Each time you recertify, you will need to upload your certification card into the NDCF system. If you are struggling with getting used to the NDCF format, visit https://www.cpsboard.org/ndcf/tutorial-videos/ It has numerous tutorials that will help you with setting up an account, adding your agency, and much more.


Many of you utilize a tablet for direct input into the system; while others prefer to use a hard copy then enter the data on your desktop. BOTH methods work and are acceptable. The important thing is…the data is entered on a timely basis. It takes the NDCF support staff time to process the large quantity of seat check data. Reminder: clean data from the NDCF program is not available until at least 6 weeks after the quarters end. To ensure your data is represented in the state’s activity report; refer to this schedule for uploading.

October, November, December January 10th
January, February, March April 10th
April, May, June July 10th
July, August, September October 10th

Your first exposure to the NDCF should have been in your certification course. Many technicians utilize their knowledge by conducting seat checks by appointment or supporting a community check event. Let me know If you would like to share your car seat check services on www.wacarseats.com. By doing so, you may be issued a tablet for conducting seat checks.


Free preprinted forms (English and Spanish) are now available at the state printer for order. Just set up an account and place your order at myprint.wa.gov.


We all know the importance of checking for recalls and fixing them when it comes to child restraints. Be sure to access the latest recall list at https://www.saferidenews.com/resources/tools-for-cpsts/recalls/.

Identifying and fixing recalls on motor vehicles is also important. https://checktoprotect.org/ has provided a location to check for vehicle recalls by license plate or VIN number.

Since Wi-Fi is not always available during a seat check; there are Washington specific cards now available at myprint.wa.gov. The cards are intended to be given at each car seat check to provide the caregiver the ability to easily access the site or take home for future use.


You must complete the following to recertify:

As part of ongoing quality assurance, you may be randomly selected for a CEU audit. Keep proof of content and completion of CEUs handy for three months after you recertify. You can monitor your audit status in your online profile.

Do not wait until the last days; or even weeks to work on your recertification requirements. Safe Kids Worldwide sends email reminders months ahead to remind you of your upcoming need to recertify. It is important to check your online profile to ensure your current email is entered.

Looking for online CEU’s? Visit https://carseateducation.org/.  There are also resources to provide virtual seat sign-offs. https://carseateducation.org/cpst-resources?fbclid=IwAR3V1XsKCVIvVgnx0sghAVprUjeApLsQP5exp-5O2dWz6CT8ZB7ha97NgIc


Attached is the tentative CPST course calendar for fiscal year 2024. Since there can be some scheduling adjustments; it is best to refer interested parties to https://cert.safekids.org/, then FIND A COURSE. They can sign up for email alerts when a course is added.


Washington Child Passenger Safety Summit (flyer attached)


March 19th for CPST Instructors only

March 20th ALL technicians

No registration fee! Stay tuned for information on how to apply for travel reimbursement.