WA CPS Update, July 2023

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You can now send any and all inquiries on finding a car seat check service to our very own website! You no longer need to send them to NHTSA’s site as our website now has individual, as well as agency or CPS team supported, seat check services. See the car seat inspection map.

This website includes various resources at your fingertips; data reports, mini-grant information, educational material, and let’s not forget the FAQ section. Most recently added topics include seat belt use while pregnant, child restraint expiration, golf carts, airplanes, and RV’s.


The WA CPS Mini-grant program is available for activities intended to reduce the number of deaths and serious injuries to children resulting from traffic crashes on Washington roads. An announcement will be sent to all of you on or around August 15th; sharing information for the upcoming grant opportunity for fiscal year 2024. There will be a pre-grant application virtual webinar you must attend prior to submitting an application. Grant proposals will be accepted through September 15th. Now is the time to consider the needs of your current child passenger safety network. Maybe you would like to host a CPST course; or obtain seat check supplies. There will be opportunities to request reimbursement funding for both.

All current mini-grantee recipients: thank you for submitting your reimbursement invoices for services/purchases obtained prior to June 30th. Remember; invoices are due to me by October 20th for all expenses incurred July 1 through September 30.


As a nationally certified child passenger safety technician, you should have an account in the National Digital Check Form (NDCF) program. The database currently has 291 accounts, however, we have 458 technicians in Washington State. In order to track your seat check activity, you must have an NDCF account and use the appropriate form. It is simple to set up an account at https://www.cpsboard.org/ndcf/create-an-account/.

One of the advantages of statewide NDCF use is the ability to track your seat checks. Another is to collect data. By visiting https://wacarseats.com/car-seat-data/ you are now able to view the NDCF raw data report, county activity, seats distributed, and mis-use. Without the timely input of your NDCF checks, this wouldn’t be possible. Follow the deadlines below for uploading your checks to NDCF.

October, November, December January 10th
January, February, March April 10th
April, May, June July 10th
July, August, September October 10th



The Lifesavers Conference Planning Committee is now accepting speaker proposals for the 2024 Conference workshops, to be held April 7–9, in Denver, Colorado. All proposals must be submitted through this online portal. This is a great opportunity to highlight your amazing work. Speaker proposals are limited to three per person. The portal will close on September 5, 2023 and no speaker proposals will be accepted after this date. #Lifesavers2024 Submit a proposal today! https://conta.cc/3CJCVdT


(deadline to submit/apply is August 31, 2023)

Nominate a Washington Technician, Instructor or Team for a 2024 CPS award. You can nominate in multiple categories. The application process is easy, and it only takes a few minutes to complete the 5-question nomination form online. Don’t delay; nominate today!

2024-2027 National Cps Board Member Positions

(Deadline to apply, September 30, 2023)

Three National Child Passenger Safety Board Positions are open for applications for the May 2024-May 2027 term. Find all the details and the online application here!

Community Engagement

This individual will work to support the engagement pillar of the Board’s mission by involving the CPS community in Board activities and amplifying Board messaging and resources at national, state and local levels. This individual must be a CPT Technician or Instructor and be willing to serve as the chair of the Community Engagement Committee.

Injury Prevention/Healthcare

This individual will bring to the Board expertise in healthcare settings, inpatient or outpatient, which may include expertise in CPS programming and hospital discharge policies.

Public Safety/Law Enforcement

This individual must be actively working in the law enforcement field and engaged in current events and issues related to CPS.

Questions? Contact the NCPSB Secretariat at secretariat@cpsboard.org


The 2023 Child Passenger Safety on School Buses National Training curriculum has released! Visit the School Bus Learning Library to complete individual modules or update your knowledge base: https://carseateducation.org/school-bus


(recent update)

A latch manual is an important item to have on-hand when conducting car seat checks. It is also an approved mini-grant purchase. In addition to having the most recent 2023 peach edition; be sure to keep the updates available as well. Visit www.saferidenews.com; go to the Latest News (at the top right of the homepage) and click on “Latest 2023-2024 LATCH Manual Update.”
Learn more about the 2023 LATCH Manual.


Child Passenger Safety Week: September 17-23, 2023
National Seat Check Saturday: September 23, 2023

Car crashes are a leading cause of death for children, according to the latest NHTSA data. A child is involved in a crash while riding in a passenger vehicle, on average, every 25 seconds. When installed correctly, car seats can reduce the risk of fatal injury in a crash by 71% for infants and by 54% for toddlers.

Download these campaign materials and get information on how to generate awareness about child car safety in your community.

Click here and get your campaign materials now.


National School Bus Safety Week / October 16-20, 2023

Statistically, school buses are the safest way to transport school children.  Yet more injuries and fatalities occur outside of or near a school bus because a motorist has failed to obey the stop-arm warning or to follow local traffic laws.

  • From 2011 and 2020, there were 1.6 times more fatalities among pedestrians (183) than occupants of school buses (113) in school-bus-related crashes.
  • A total of 218 school-age children (18 and younger) died in school-bus-related crashes during that period, either as occupants of school buses or other vehicles, or on foot or bike.
  • Of the 218 deaths, 85 were children who were walking.

Respect the “Danger Zone”

The school bus loading and unloading area is called the “Danger Zone”. Specifically, this is any side of the bus where a child may not be seen by the bus driver and, therefore, is in the most danger.  Let’s work together to keep our children safe as they wait to ride the bus to and from school.

Click here to download earned media campaign materials.



Your work teaching classes, providing important CPS education at safety fairs, and reaching underserved populations remains equally important as seat checks. Send me a summary of your event along with pictures (if available) so I can share your work statewide. Today I am going to highlight work done in Pierce County.

Region 12 (Chelan, Douglas, Kittitas, Okanogan)

Eveline Roy, Target Zero Manager, organized local observational surveys and community outreach at elementary schools; similar approach to The Safest Ride Program. She displayed an A-board with back seat requirements displayed. Returned to the school and collected data on number of cars and children riding in the front seat. From another funding source, she purchased $7.00 coffee cards. Drivers were “awarded” a card when their elementary school children all exited from the back seat. Drivers with children in the front were educated on the law and the safety for children in the back seat. Results from one of her better schools…

Before = 69 children in the back seat; 18 in front

After = 80 children in the back seat; 10 in front

Statewide and beyond

Shawneri Guzman, Tam Lutz, and Wanda Yamashita presented for the California CPS technicians. They shared the Recognizing and Meeting the Needs of Diverse Populations workshop  from the Lifesaver’s 2023 conference in Seattle. Thank you for your willingness to share your experience working with child transport agencies, refugee families and tribal communities.

Region 4 (Thurston)

Izi LeMay, Village Vans Supervisor, at various community events.

Hello! Below are photos from the Car Seat Safety awareness/checks I have participated in the past month and a half.

6/10/23 Thurston Early Childhood Coalition (TECC) “Suddenly Summer” Event; 50 families

6/30/23 Northwest Portland Indian Health Board at Nisqually Pride; 200 families

7/16/23 Intercity Transit Regional “Roadeo” Competition; 50 families


Thank you for your continued commitment to child passenger safety.