WA CPS Program Update, Feb 2023

Here we are…already more than half way through February! I hope this message finds you healthy, happy and safe in all respects.


Excitement is increasing with Washington State hosting the Lifesavers 2023 conference on April 2-4. Thank you to those who have applied for registration and travel reimbursement to attend. I am excited to see everyone in person. To provide a one-stop, all-encompassing information platform for the 2023 Lifesavers Conference, a new EVENT SITE has been created. This event site features workshops details, plenary information, exhibitors, sponsors, networking information and more! Please check out the site for updates.


Many of you have mini-grants which includes fees for CPST-Instructors who provide seat sign-offs, present CEU workshops, or teach CPST courses. Please remember; there is a Mini-Grants webinar located at https://wacarseats.com/mini-grants/ to help you through the reimbursement process. If you are a service provider and need to bill for services; there is important information to watch starting at 15:09 of the recording that will assist you in completing your invoice and travel expense voucher. Speaking of which…the reimbursement for privately owned vehicle (POV) miles has been increased from $.625 to $.655 effective 1/1/2023. Attached is an updated per diem map.


It is extremely important to work on your recertification requirements within your two year cycle. Do not wait until the last days; or even weeks. Safe Kids Worldwide sends email reminders months ahead to remind you of your upcoming need to recertify. It is important to check your online profile to ensure your current email is entered. You must complete the following to recertify:


NOTE: A mini-grant may include service fees to bring a CPST-Instructor or a Tech-proxy to your community to provide a CEU workshop as well as seat sign-offs.


For a one-stop shop for CEU’s and Community Education sessions, visit https://carseateducation.org/. You will be amazed by all of the resources with access in one place.


Foster families play an important role in the lives of children. A foster parent provides a child a safe, loving, temporary home; maybe making it possible for them to stay in their school, and stay connected to their parents and siblings. While conducting research on what education or resources are provided to potential foster parents, I was pleased to find free educational resources which include child passenger safety. They simply need to email AllianceSupport@uw.edu to get connected or visit https://cpe.socialwork.uw.edu/alliance-courses and follow the instructions to create a new account. I personally  attended their online Car Seat Safety: Select, Fit and Install Correctly elearning; and aside from a couple minor corrections – it is a good product for foster families. This training is strongly encouraged for all potential foster families.


It is important to always check for recalls on child restraints. It is also important to check and fix any recalls on your vehicle, like the takata airbag safety recall. There is an educational handout available through the state printer to use at every car seat check. It provides the caregiver an opportunity to access vehicle recall information. Order some from the state printing website (along with other educational materials).


A poster has recently been added to the www.wacarseats.com site under Resources, Posters and Graphics. It is the summary of Washington’s Child Restraint Law in Vietnamese. If there is a target audience you need to reach in another language, let me know.

There are child passenger safety booklets you can purchase at I’M SAFE. Here is the English/Spanish version https://www.imsafe.com/product/2-6000-visual-car-seat-guide-parents-bilingual-edition  They are also now available in Pashto, Dari, Ukraine and soon to be in French and Russian. These booklets were extremely helpful in our refugee outreach activities. Let me know if you are planning an outreach event and could use some of these materials.

The calendar of CPST courses is here. There are some added courses and some that are waiting to confirm dates. Let me know if you have any questions.